Jay Erndt

In my 20+ years of purchasing, installing and maintaining IT systems I have learned valuable lessons on how to put all the pieces together. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and implementing your IT solution.

About me

Since 1997 I work for the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System as a System Analyst. Started off with front line support and installing our GIS and Permitting applications. I developed applications to automate our installs and updates. I support a variety of software applications, including Microsoft Office products, archival software for the backing up of crucial data, Sage Act contact database software and a variety of commercial and Open source software. I have gained this experience during my twenty years in computer support with the City of Cincinnati, the last ten as a Systems Analyst supervising the activities of four other employees. My major role for the last 5 years is developing software.I am continually working to stay current in my skills and the latest technology updates to make sure that your IT needs are being met. I am committed to giving you the kind of service that you need and expect from an IT professional.